All of these built up negative thoughts and emotions are controllable. By me! The tools that … my coach Rhonda shared with me are amazing. I feel beyond blessed for having been able to experience this program.  Besides losing weight (25 pounds!) …help guide me to reach my full potential…Her name is Rhonda. She is not only intuitive and profound, but she is funny, kind, intelligent and always knows the right thing to say. Always.
S.N., MA

I thought all I was hiring a coach for was help in deciding if I should look for a new job or not.  Instead, I got a look at my life, that I thought was dreary and that I was stuck with it, and saw that I had choices and could get past my fears.  Now I have a new job and a new home! Rhonda brought me some magic into my life that I never knew was there!

When I started the program I really wanted to lose weight, and I had tried a number of programs before, and only ended up frustrated. ..I adopted the program really slowly, …and my coach always worked within my parameters. She was supportive and determined to take those baby steps with me… were my true guidance over the last 10 weeks…Many of the techniques really kept me grounded…Now, without thinking about it, I am using some of the techniques to guide me through… I can identify those triggers that create imbalance in my environment, and I am now much more likely to address those things that are not supporting my health, wealth, wisdom and wellbeing. …Now, I am not worried about weight size or what time lunch is, and I can truly say that this experience has made me more caring for the best person I know – me. Thank you Rhonda for showing me the way home.
L.D., NY

Thank you, Rhonda, for helping me and my family find such peace in what was a stressful decision about our mother.  Going through coaching allowed us to see past our own stubborn opinions and … ended up with the best solution.
J.P.M., NH

…discussing your compelling insights on intuition…And I appreciate your time, guidance, and candid approach.
M.L., MA

Getting a message from my grandmother that was definitely her was one thing, but connecting to one of my past lives was unexpected and weird in a good way.  You really pulled it all together and explained it too.
B.D., IL