rainbowRhonda Read is a psychic-intuitive who has had a strong sense of Spirit/God/the Universe all her life.  It started at an early age but became more obvious to her when her family moved into an old haunted house when she was 5 years old.  Sensing the spirits that roamed the halls and hoped to “attach” and influence the family, she developed an unconscious ability to “shield” and protect herself while still being able to see or hear them.  As a teenager, she explored using Tarot and other oracle tools to strengthen the communication.  Aware of skeptics and others who tried to convince her that this ability was “evil” or unnatural, when she was in her mid-20s she limited her insights to those around her.  After her mother’s death, however, when she began to receive clear and undeniable communication with her mother, she re-awakened to the possibilities of being able to help people through her readings and messages while working with Spirit.  She studied both independently and with others (including with her older sister Elaine Read-Cole, also a psychic intuitive and healer, who founded the Angel Wings of Light ™ course of study) such as John Holland, Colette Baron-Reid, Lisa Williams, as well as Brian Weiss, Denise Linn, Doreen Virtue, Robert Ohotto and Danielle McKinnon.  Other influences include Sandy Aemian, Gregg Braden, and Caroline Myss, to name a few.

Raised as a Catholic, but embracing and blending all she has learned, her belief structure and her innate ability to turn the sometimes-mysterious into straightforward conversations will let you know that whether it be a spirit guide, a loved one who has crossed over (including animals!), or an oracle card, the message you receive will be uniquely yours, a marker on your path to your Haven.



Available by phone, Skype, or in person if applicable.

Rhonda4 Nov30-minute readings (may go up to 45 minutes) – $ 75.00

45-minute readings (may go up to 60 minutes) – $100.00

60-minute readings (or more) – $150.00

Interested? Your Power Animal/Animal Totem Guide reading by email – $45.00

***Spirits don’t tell time, so sessions are priced accordingly.

*** Please use the Contact page to schedule and confirm payment terms before submitting payment.