Coaching has been a natural progression for Rhonda Read.  She started working in the corporate world over 30 years ago, from  entry-level admin/banking jobs and working up to Vice President at a business telecommunications company, with several others along the way! This experience, that has included aspects of administration, finance, legal, and HR, along with a large-family background, and a love for teaching, made coaching a perfect blend of these elements with her intuitive skills. 

As a Life Coach, experience is combined with education.  A true believer that learning is a life-long process, Rhonda has added to her skills by attending workshops and seminars run by some of the most well-known corporate seminar companies, such as Fred Pryor Seminars, Dale Carnegie and SkillPath, amongst others.  She has also taught classes on related topics, such as:


Practical teaching and coaching has helped many on their personal path.


Rhonda was certified as a Master Intuitive Coach ® by Colette Baron-Reid, an internationally-acclaimed author, psychic, intuitive counselor and life strategist.  She has gone on to be certified as a Master Trainer.  Coaching sessions use Colette’s trademarked IN-Vizion® process, outlined in her bestselling book, “The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in Your Life”.  It is a combination of Jungian psychology’s elements of active imagination, energy psychology and voice dialog, as well as studies in neuroscience.  It is a cutting-edge technique in a holistic program supporting wealth creation, weight release, relationship dynamics, and an overall conscious well-being.  New neural pathways are created in a short amount of time, as the right-brain intuitive and creative mind bypasses the left-brain analytical and logical mind.  The process distinguishes itself from other coaching methods by taking the client into a self-discovery that empowers them to move through blocks and find their best possible direction.

If practical answers can get you past a current stumbling block, then combining the practical with the emotional, unconscious answers of how you got there in the first place cam allow you to avoid ever choosing this path again, and so you also avoid the block!




(Colette Baron-Reid’s  book called “Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much” the basis for coaching around weight and health.  Rhonda already lost 31 pounds – and counting! – using this!)

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Let’s hold conversations that will help you on your exploration of your journey, and the path that will take you to where you want to be, as the most complete YOU!  You don’t have to walk alone!



Coaching is done by phone, Skype, or in person if applicable. ***


Rhonda1 NovSessions run approx. 60 minutes: $150.00 (the same price applies whether you choose a practical Life Coach session or an Intuitive Coach® session.)

6 sessions are recommended to find and accomplish what you are seeking on your personal Path; 10 sessions are recommended for Weight/Health.



*** Please ask questions on the Contact page if you have any.  Schedules and payment terms should be arranged before submit payment.